VINIMAY 15 ml nail gel magic removal gel soak into nail polish remover nail polish remove acrylic primer clean degreaser nail polish


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  • Item Type :            Nail Polish Remover
  • Type :                       Soak off remover gel
  • Net weight :          15ml
  • Model NumberGBTJ
  • Quantity :             1 bottle
  • Ingredient :         Natural Resin
  • Brand Name :     VINIMAY
  • Color :                   Nail Gel Magic Remover
  • Stock :                 gel nail polish Remover, gel varnish Remover
  • Soak Off :          Soak Off UV Gel Nail Polish, nails gel, nails art
  • Feature :          Non-toxic, gel polish, Nail primer, gelpolish
  • Smell :               uv gel nail, gel primer, gel lak, gel varnish
  • Style :               led uv base coat, top coat, gellak, nail art
  • Certification :   MSDS / CE / SGS.
  • Applicable peoplewomen, gel for nail extension, primer nail,
  • Curing lamps :       uv / led gel nail primer, gel nail polish set, nail base coat
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Pls read this carefully before ordering:

This product does not contain substances that are harmful to your nails. it is a gel obtained from plants, and its composition is the same as when it removes gel water. Test reports for this product will be announced within one week.
The formula is a mild formula, within a certain time to fall off the nails depends on the thickness of the nail coat and the thickness of the gel removal tool.
If there is only one coat of color, it will be autumn for each in 2-10 minutes. But if there is no larger base coat than the layer color and top coat, it may take 5-15 minutes to make fall for each.
Compared to traditional gel remover, it has no nail damage, and the gel removal which reaches 98%.

If you buy this product on your behalf they already know that above, we will no longer accept any request to cancel your order, hope you can understand.

How to use magic to remove
Please polished the top layer for the first time and then grease the magic for removal
( Because if you have not polished the top layer, the magic for removal will take much more time when you get them working) wait5-15 Minutes, the nail polish will crack and fall off, and then you can easily remove the nail polish
1., because the nail polish has different hardness and thickness, the degree of burst and the time required will be Different.
2. The magic gail remover cannot touch the skin, its volatile solvents, will volatilize for a short time, and absorb moisture in extreme time and moisture loss on the skin surface, resulting in a light burning sensation.
3. There is a slight cool sensation when removing nails, adopting. .