USED Rinnai Gas Heater Made in Japan


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  • Brand                                 Rinnai
  • SKU                                     125972921_PK-1284040466
  • Rinnai City Gas              12A13A Infrared Stove
  • Model:                               R-483PMS? -402
  • 12A:                                     2.06kw / 13A: 2.2kw
  • Accessories:                   Gas cord approximately 5m


  • About Rinnai Blower Heater,
  • Japan most powerful Portable Gas heater
  • Swiftly heat up any large open plan living area without having to worry about bill shock – the Avenger Gas Heater comes complete with a 5.8 star energy rating, low emissions technology, adjustable temperature settings and economy mode. Its separate morning/evening and weekday/weekend timers work around your lifestyle, meaning you won’t feel the wintry chills.With an easy-to-use control panel the Gas Heater Convector Heater is the must have addition to keep comfortable during the frosty mornings and nights. All you need is an appropriate gas connection point.