Nest Security Connect Alarm System H17000EF – White


  • Delivery Time : 15 Days
  • Cosmetic Condition : Brand New
  • Imported from USA
  • 100% Authentic Product

  • Range Extender
  • Designed for the Nest Secure Alarm
  • Works with the Nest Detect & Nest Guard
  • Support for up to 4 Connect Devices

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The Connect from Nest is a range extender designed to work with your Nest Secure alarm system. This device maintains the connection between your Nest Detect(s) and Nest Guard when they’re too far apart, or experiencing wireless interference. It ensures that the Detect(s) and Guard are always in communication. You can have up to 4 Connect devices in your Nest Secure alarm system. In addition, you can use a Connect to extend the range of other Connects in your system by following the steps in the free Nest app, available for iOS and Android mobile devices.