Jabra Earphone Elite 75T True Wireless Gold Beige


  • Delivery Time : 15 Days
  • Cosmetic Condition : Brand New
  • Imported from USA
  • 100% Authentic Product
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC): Use the Sound+ app to activate ANC and enable toggling between ANC and Hear Through. ANC upgrade delivered via over-the-air firmware update. Available from 19th October 2020
  • 4-Mic call technology for superior call quality wherever you are, even in noisy and windy environments
  • More power, more freedom, with more than 7.5 hours of battery and a total of 28 hours with charging case
  • Make your music sound exactly the way you want it to, with a customizable equalizer, available in the Jabra Sound+ app
  • Remember to update the product firmware through Jabra Sound+ app for best experience

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With up to 24 hours of battery time (ANC on) with the pocket-friendly wireless charging case, the Elite 75t wireless earbuds let you take calls and play music while staying connected. Fast charging allows you to get up to an hour of battery in just 15 minutes. Your music tastes are as individual as you are, which is why the Jabra Elite 75t comes with a customizable equalizer; just download the Jabra Sound+ App and set your levels according to your preferences. Whether you want to boost the bass or turn up the treble, your music will always sound exactly how you want it to. Jabra Elite 75t also comes with one-touch access to your voice assistant of choice, including Amazon Alexa*, Siri or Google Assistant, allowing you to easily stay connected to your digital world.