IKEA PELARBOJ LED Table Lamp, Multicolour




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PELARBOJ LED table lamp

  • Width: 12 cm
  • Height: 10 cm
  • Length: 29 cm
  • Weight: 0.55 kg
  • Package(s): 1
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Children can decide on one colour or let the light switch automatically between seven different colours.

Tested and approved for children.

This lighting product has a low voltage and no sharp edges, small parts, hot surfaces, openings or hooks.

We know that children are extra sensitive, but not to worry. This product is completely free from chemicals that may harm your child’s health.

The design of the lamp makes it easy to be used both horizontally and vertically.

You will find the driver and charger when you unscrew the bottom part of the lamp.

LED life time approx. 25.000 hours.


Charlie Styrbjörn