IKEA MÅLA Paint, Mixed colours 400ml



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MÅLA Paint, Mixed colours 400ml

  • Width: 11 cm
  • Height: 8 cm
  • Length: 17 cm
  • Weight: 0.67 kg
  • Package(s): 1

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The MÅLA series has everything your child needs when creativity kicks in. Paint! Cut! Draw! It’s all about having fun and letting your child explore the world through its own imagination – there’s no limit!

Comes with 8 bottles in different colours. A mixing tray, a brush and colour chart are included so your child can blend paints and make their own exciting colours. The paint is ready to use, but you can also dilute it with water for a lighter effect.

It’s easy to control the paint flow with easy-to-squeeze bottles. Of course everything in the MÅLA series is non-toxic – we care just as much about the creative minds of the next generation as you do .Creating and being creative makes you calm and focused, and is extra nice after a day of school and activities. The paint will leave permanent stains on most surfaces and materials, however, immediately washing the area with soap and lukewarm water may give good results. Shake before use. This product bears the CE mark. Recommended for ages from 3 years. Comprises water-based paint.