IKEA ENEBY Bluetooth speaker, black,and charcol 30×30 cm


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Bluetooth speaker

Width: 35 cm

Height: 16 cm

Length: 39 cm

Weight: 4.29 kg

Package(s): 1


A discrete and portable speaker with a clear, powerful sound.

Connect and play your favourite tunes from your phone, computer or any other Bluetooth®-enabled device.

You can use the knob on the speaker to turn it on/off, and to intuitively adjust the bass, treble or volume.

Mount the speaker on the wall or place it standing using ENEBY wall bracket or ENEBY speaker stand, sold seperately.

You can connect the speaker to devices that do not have Bluetooth® using a 3.5 mm AUX cable.

Dimensioned to fit KALLAX shelving unit.

Available in black or white so you can choose what looks best in your room.

You can easily move the speaker to where you want it in the home since the bass port at the back doubles as a handle.

If you prefer a clean minimalist look, you can remove the mesh fabric front and and let parts of the speaker remain exposed.

The auto-off function saves energy when the speaker is not in use.

Amplifier output power 42W.

May be completed with ENEBY wall bracket, sold separately.

May be completed with ENEBY speaker stand, sold separately.

Standby energy consumption less than: 0.5 W.

Input voltage 100-240V.

Bluetooth® version 4.2

This product bears the CE mark.


IKEA of Sweden