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    CASIO F91W-1 Casual Sport Watch

    The Japan’s Company made multiple products. I have used Casio calculator and Casio watch, both are quality innovative, both made my tough time easy, and that is what matters

    Let us talk about Casio F91W-1

    My experience about this watch is simply incredible that’s look simply antique in its way so I have tried to tell you about it, it’s made up with silicon band completely grip able that won’t hurt you or won’t damage your skin and it feels you good.

    It show’s time in digital numbers which is completely a different mode for everyone because some peoples are not able to tell you time in words while it is digital so it is easy to tell time everyone.

    It also tells seconds in digital way and you can complete your tasks in seconds that’s probably the another feature of it let it on another side Casio watch show day or date and according to date you are able to see AM or PM. The next silent feature of this watch is its alarm mode you are able to set alarm by time and date or even day so it is convenient.

    If you want to buy Casio F91W-1 in Pakistan, you can buy it here .

    Now move to the side of the watch at the right side of watch one button Is present which is able to fix or on/off alarm, and on the left side of watch there are two buttons, upper button is responsible for light on/off and the lower one which is for set time and date.

    Now if you can see at the back of the watch you can see stainless steel plate that is reliable and water resistant. Easily wearable watch, in hand at affordable price. Get this amazing style and easily wear watch. Be amaze with its glory features daily alarm hourly time signal and its auto calendar. You will never need to worry about your day routines enjoy black casual classic watch with a resin band.

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