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    IKEA RUNNEN Floor Decking, Outdoor, Dark Grey and Light Grey -0.81 m²

    7,000.00 (RS)

    Floor decking makes it easy to refresh your terrace or balcony. The floor decking is weather-resistant and easy to care for since it’s made of plastic. The floor decking can be cut if you need to fit it around a corner or a pole. You can easily take the floor decking apart and put it together again if you want to clean the floor underneath. Comprises: 9 pcs (30×30 cm) floor decking for outdoor use.

    IKEA RUNNEN Decking, Outdoor, Brown Stained /m²

    9,500.00 (RS)

    Possible to separate for recycling or energy recovery if available in your community. At least 50% (weight) of this product is made from wood, a renewable material.

    IKEA STOPP Anti-slip Underlay 67.5×200 cm / m²

    2,300.00 (RS)


    Ikea Products
    100% Original Items

    Put anti-slip underlay under all your rugs so that they stay securely in place when you vacuum, do yoga or walk on them.


    • Length: 200 cm
    • Width: 67.5 cm
    • Area: 1.35 m²
    • Surface density: 122 g/m²

    IKEA STOPP FILT Rug Underlay With Anti-Slip 165x235 cm

    2,000.00 (RS)


    Ikea Products
    100% Original Items

    Your floor will be happy because the underlay gathers the dirt and protects it from scratching. It keeps your rug from sliding around and causing trouble and makes it even softer to walk on. Keeps the rug in place, which reduces the risk of slipping and makes it easier to vacuum.It is easy to cut or fold the underlay, or combine several together, to fit under rugs of all sizes and shapes. The thick felt makes the rug softer and warmer to walk on.

    IKEA LANGSTED Rug, Low Pile, Dark Green 60x90 cm

    3,150.00 (RS)

    Ikea Products
    100% Original Items

    Place one in every room, or place several in one room. This soft rug comes in different colours and sizes. Mix and match as you like or why not place a few rugs together to make one bigger rug?

    Product Size :

    LANGSTED Rug, low pile

    • Length: 90 cm
    • Width: 60 cm
    • Thickness: 14 mm
    • Area: 0.54 m²
    • Surface density: 2050 g/m²
    • Pile coverage: 900 g/m²
    • Pile thickness: 11 mm

    IKEA BORRIDSO Rug, Low Pile, Best For Traffic Areas, Kitchen, Dinning, Under Sofa, Hallway, 80x120 cm Multicolor

    9,500.00 (RS)

    Ikea Products
    100% Original Items

    The faded oriental expression of this rug adds a special touch to your room. A good choice for those who want a durable, stain-resistant rug that is just as great on the sofa as under the dining table.

    Product Size :

    BORRIDSÖ Rug, low pile

    • Length: 120 cm
    • Width: 80 cm
    • Thickness: 1.5 cm
    • Area: 0.96 m²
    • Surface density: 3307 g/m²

    IKEA NAUTRUP Rug, High Pile Multicolour133x195 cm

    18,500.00 (RS)

    Ikea Products
    100% Original Items

    The long pile and pattern bring a retro feeling into the room. You get warmth and comfort under your feet thanks to the long pile made from 100% pure wool.

    This rug fits with a 2-3 seat sofa, but can also fit other size sofas depending on how you place it.

    Product Size :

    • Length: 195 cm
    • Width: 133 cm
    • Thickness: 20 mm
    • Area: 2.59 m²
    • Surface density: 2100 g/m²
    • Pile coverage: 1760 g/m²
    • Pile thickness: 17 mm